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1.Julien CHRISTOPHE, Korcan KUCUKCOSKUN, Christophe SCHRAM (2012).
Analytical and numerical extensions of amiet's incoming turbulence noise theory to account for near-field effects
ERCOFTAC Bulletin 90, 45–49.
2.Benoit ANDRÉ, Thomas CASTELAIN, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2012).
Broadband shock-associated noise in screeching and non-screeching underexpanded supersonic jets
ERCOFTAC Bulletin 90, 10–14.
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Research in aeroacoustics at the Centre Acoustique of Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 5–8.
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Noise generation by an incoming gust landing in a swirling flow between two coaxial cylinders.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 59–61.
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Report from a PEPIT/ERCOFTAC Workshop : Environmental and Aeronautical Turbulent Flows, Ecully.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 34–35.
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Validation testing of CFD techniques for turbomachinery flows.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 11–18.
7.Richard J. PERKINS (1998).
Multiphase flow research at the LMFA.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin 36, 20–21.
8.Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png, Marc BUFFAT, Jean-Pierre BERTOGLIO (1997).
Research at the LMFA on turbulent and transitional flows affected by compressibility.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin .
9.Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png (1997).
Research at the LMFA on turbulent and transitional flows affected by Coriolis or centrifugal forces.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 9–13.
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Flows dominated by effects of rotation, curvature and density stratification.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin .
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Some actual trends in predictive methods based on flamelet approaches.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 17–19.
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Fractal processes and chemical reaction in turbulent flows.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 29–31.
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Turbulent wall flows.
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Report on the presentation day of the PEPIT Lyon-Grenoble ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin .
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Fluid dynamics research at PEPIT.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin .
17.Dany ESCUDIÉ (1991).
Turbulent combustion : experimental study of the interaction flame front-vortices.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin , 14–17.
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Two-point closures applied to homogeneous turbulence.
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Thermocapillary effects on the stability of buoyancy-drivers flows in shallow cavities.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin 11, 625–644.
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