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1.Bastien DI PIERROorcid_16x16.png, Corentin JACQUES, Anne CADIOUorcid_16x16.png, Frédéric ALIZARDorcid_16x16.png, Marc BUFFAT, Lionel LE PENVEN (2019).
Secondary instability in variable density jet
Fluid turbulence Applications in Both Industrial and ENvironmental topics, Marseille, France.
2.Claude CAMBON (2019).
Universality of some turbulence laws versus finite-Reynolds number (FRN) effects
Fluid turbulence Applications in Both Industrial and ENvironmental topics, Marseille, France.
3.Annick POUQUET, Duane ROSENBERG, J.E. STAWARZ , Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png (2019).
Helicity dynamics, inverse, and bidirectional cascades in fluid and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: A brief review
Earth Space Sci. 6, 351–369. doi:10.1029/2018EA000432 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
4.J. VIERINEN, J. CHAU, Harikrishnan CHARUVIL ASOKAN, J. URCO, M. CLAHSEN, V. AVSARKISOV, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, R. VOLZ (2019).
Observing mesospheric turbulence with specular meteor radars: A novel method for estimating second order statistics of wind velocity
Earth Space Sci. (25 pages). doi:10.1029/2019EA000570 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
5.Yuyao YANG , Robert CHAHINEorcid_16x16.png, Robert RUBINSTEIN, Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png (2019).
Passive scalar mixing in modulated turbulence
Fluid Dyn. Res. 51, 045501 (14 pages). doi:10.1088/1873-7005/ab1e66 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
6.Bertrand MERCIER, Thomas CASTELAIN (2019).
Dynamic analysis of a Rayleigh scattering setup using synthetic light signals from a modulated LED
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 063109 (8 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5112802 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
7.Roberto BRUNO, Daniele TELLONI, Luca SORRISO-VALVOorcid_16x16.png, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, Rossana DE MARCO, Raffaella D'AMICIS (2019).
The low-frequency break observed in the slow solar wind magnetic spectra
A&A 627, A96 (7 pages). doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201935841 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
8.Yassine SAADLAOUI (dir.: Alexandre DELACHE, Jean-Michel BERGHEAU) (2019).
Simulation numérique des procédés thermomécaniques dans une approche couplant les écoulements du fluide avec les déformations du solide : application au soudage laser et à la fusion d'un lit de poudre
Thèse Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne
9.Jinjing SUN, Xavier OTTAVYorcid_16x16.png (2016).
Control of Corner Separation by Optimized Slot Configuration in a Linear Compressor Cascade
Compressor Blower and Fan Technology 6 (10 pages). doi:10.16492/j.fjjs.2016.06.0056 doi.ico hal.ico clarivate_16x16.png
10.Stéphane AUBERT, Franck MASTRIPPOLITO, Quentin RENDU, Martin BUISSON, Frédéric DUCROS (2017).
Planar slip condition for mesh morphing using radial basis functions
26th International Meshing Roundtable, IMR26, Barcelona, Spain. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2017.09.819 doi.ico hal.ico
In: Procedia Engineering (volume 203), Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 349–361. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2017.09.819 doi.ico hal.ico

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