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1.Feng GAO, Gherardo ZAMBONINI, Jérôme BOUDETorcid_16x16.png, Xavier OTTAVYorcid_16x16.png, Lipeng LU, Liang SHAOorcid_16x16.png (2015).
Unsteady behavior of corner separation in a compressor cascade: Large eddy simulation and experimental study
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 229, 508–519. doi:10.1177/0957650915594314 doi.ico hal.ico clarivate_16x16.png
2.Nicolas COURTIADE, Xavier OTTAVYorcid_16x16.png (2013).
Study of the acoustic resonance occurring in a multistage high-speed axial compressor
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 227, 654–664. doi:10.1177/0957650913500493 doi.ico hal.ico clarivate_16x16.png
3.Guillaume DESPRÉS, Ghislaine NGO BOUM, Francis LEBOEUF, David CHALET, Pascal CHESSE, Alain LEFEBVRE (2013).
Simulation of near surge instabilities onset in a turbocharger compressor
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 227, 665–673. doi:10.1177/0957650913495537 doi.ico hal.ico clarivate_16x16.png
4.Isabelle TRÉBINJAC, Nicolas BULOT, Nicolas BUFFAZ (2011).
Analysis of the flow in a transonic centrifugal compressor stage from choke to surge
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 225, 919–929. doi:10.1177/0957650911411537 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
5.Nicolas BULOT, Isabelle TRÉBINJAC, Xavier OTTAVYorcid_16x16.png, Pascale KULISA, G. HALTER, Benoît PAOLETTI, Patrick KRIKORIAN (2009).
Experimental and numerical investigation of the flow field in a high-pressure centrifugal compressor impeller near surge
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 223, 657–666. doi:10.1243/09576509JPE817 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
6.Jean-Christophe MARONGIU, Francis LEBOEUF, Étienne PARKINSON (2007).
Numerical simulation of the flow in a Pelton turbine using the meshless method smoothed particle hydrodynamics : a new simple solid boundary treatment
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 221, 849–856. doi:10.1243/09576509JPE465 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
7.Mahmoud EL HAJEM, Abdul Rahman AKHRAS, Robert MOREL, Jean-Yves CHAMPAGNE (2001).
Rotor-stator interaction in a centrifugal pump equiped with a vaned diffuser.
Proc. IMechE Part A, J. Power Energy 125, 809–819.
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