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1.Harikrishnan CHARUVIL ASOKANorcid_16x16.png, Jorge Luis CHAUorcid_16x16.png, Miguel LARSENorcid_16x16.png, Frédéric CONTE, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, Juha VIERINENorcid_16x16.png, Gerd BAUMGARTENorcid_16x16.png, Sebastian BORCHERT (2022).
Validation of multistatic meteor radar analysis using modeled mesospheric dynamics: An assessment of the reliability of gradients and vertical velocities
J. Geophys. Res. D 121, e2021JD036039 (21 pages). doi:10.1029/2021JD036039 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
2.Catherine LE RIBAULT, Ivana VINKOVIC, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png (2021).
Large eddy simulation of particle transport and deposition over multiple 2D square obstacles in a turbulent boundary layer
J. Geophys. Res. D 126, e2020JD034461 (36 pages). doi:10.1029/2020JD034461 doi.ico clarivate_16x16.png
3.Alex TERRASSON, Nicolas MCCARTHY, Andrew DOWDY, Harald RICHTER, Hamish MCGOWAN, Adrien GUYOT (2019).
Weather radar insights into the turbulent dynamics of a wildfire?triggered supercell thunderstorm
J. Geophys. Res. D 128, 8645–8658. doi:10.1029/2018JD029986 doi.ico hal.ico clarivate_16x16.png
4.S. DUPONT, G. BERGAMETTI, B. MARTICORENA, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png (2013).
Modelling saltation intermittency
J. Geophys. Res. D 118, 7109–7128. doi:10.1002/jgrd.50528 doi.ico hal.ico clarivate_16x16.png
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