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1.Gabriel REGNAULTorcid_16x16.png, Alexander A. DOINIKOVorcid_16x16.png, Gabrielle LALOY-BORGNAorcid_16x16.png, Cyril MAUGERorcid_16x16.png, Philippe BLANC-BENONorcid_16x16.png, Stefan CATHELINEorcid_16x16.png, Claude INSERRAorcid_16x16.png (2024).
Phenomenon of self-oscillation in bubble dynamics: Bouncing acoustic bubbles
Phys. Fluids 36, 047134 (9 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0203660 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
2.Raffaello FOLDESorcid_16x16.png, Enrico CAMPOREALEorcid_16x16.png, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png (2024).
Low-dimensional representation of intermittent geophysical turbulence with high-order statistics-informed neural networks (H-SiNN)
Phys. Fluids 36, 026607 (12 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0179132 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
3.Surya Kaundinya ORUGANTIorcid_16x16.png, Mikhael GOROKHOVSKIorcid_16x16.png (2024).
Stochastic models in the under-resolved simulations of spray formation during high-speed liquid injection
Phys. Fluids 36, 052105 (17 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0206826 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
4.Alexis GIAUQUEorcid_16x16.png, Dominik SCHUSTERorcid_16x16.png, Christophe CORREorcid_16x16.png (2023).
High-fidelity numerical investigation of a real gas annular cascade with experimental validation
Phys. Fluids 35, 126119 (14 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0174230 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
5.Abdessamed MEDELFEForcid_16x16.png, Daniel HENRYorcid_16x16.png, Slim KADDECHEorcid_16x16.png, Faiza MOKHTARI, Samia BOUARABorcid_16x16.png, Valéry BOTTONorcid_16x16.png, Ahcéne BOUABDALLAH (2023).
Linear stability of natural convection in a differentially heated shallow cavity submitted to high-frequency horizontal vibrations
Phys. Fluids 35, 084107 (20 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0159867 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
6.Jean AL-AMorcid_16x16.png, Vincent CLAIRorcid_16x16.png, Alexis GIAUQUEorcid_16x16.png, Jérôme BOUDETorcid_16x16.png, Fernando GEA-AGUILERAorcid_16x16.png (2023).
Aeroacoustic analysis of the tip-leakage flow of an ultrahigh bypass ratio fan stage
Phys. Fluids 35, 047104 (18 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0146143 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
7.Gabriel REGNAULTorcid_16x16.png, Alexander A. DOINIKOVorcid_16x16.png, Cyril MAUGERorcid_16x16.png, Philippe BLANC-BENONorcid_16x16.png, Claude INSERRAorcid_16x16.png (2023).
Dynamics of two interacting acoustic bubbles at short separation distances
Phys. Fluids 35, 037116 (8 pages). doi: 10.1063/5.0135370 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
8.Francesco SCARANOorcid_16x16.png, Marc C. JACOBorcid_16x16.png, Romain GOJONorcid_16x16.png, Xavier CARBONNEAUorcid_16x16.png, Erwin Ricky GOWREEorcid_16x16.png (2022).
Modification of a turbulent boundary layer by circular cavities
Phys. Fluids 34, 065134 (15 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0091110 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
9.Supriya KARMAKARorcid_16x16.png, Ranganathan USHAorcid_16x16.png, Geetanjali CHATTOPADHYAYorcid_16x16.png, Séverine MILLETorcid_16x16.png, J. V. RAMANA REDDY, Priyanka SHUKLAorcid_16x16.png (2022).
Stability of a plane Poiseuille flow in a channel bounded by anisotropic porous walls
Phys. Fluids 34, 034103. doi:10.1063/5.0083217 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
10.Francesco SCARANOorcid_16x16.png, Marc C. JACOBorcid_16x16.png, Xavier CARBONNEAUorcid_16x16.png, Erwin Ricky GOWREEorcid_16x16.png (2022).
On the turbulent boundary layer over a flat plate at moderate Reynolds numbers
Phys. Fluids 104, 115150 (19 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0124498 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
11.Jie LIUorcid_16x16.png, Martin OBERLACKorcid_16x16.png, Yongqi WANGorcid_16x16.png, Alexandre DELACHE, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png (2022).
Focusing of inertial waves by a vertically annular forcing
Phys. Fluids 34, 086601 (12 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0099774 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
12.Alexis GIAUQUEorcid_16x16.png, Aurélien VADROTorcid_16x16.png, Paolo ERRANTEorcid_16x16.png, Christophe CORREorcid_16x16.png (2021).
A priori analysis of subgrid-scale terms in compressible transcritical real gas flows
Phys. Fluids 33, 085126 (13 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0059463 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
13.Damien CABUTorcid_16x16.png, Marc MICHARDorcid_16x16.png, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png, Loïc MÉÈSorcid_16x16.png, Violaine TODOROFF, Corentin HERMANGE, Yohan LE CHENADEC (2021).
Analysis of the water flow inside tire grooves of a rolling car using refraction particle image velocimetry
Phys. Fluids 33, 032101 (18 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0038834 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
14.Lukas ENGELENorcid_16x16.png, Clément PERROT-MINOTorcid_16x16.png, Emmanuel MIGNOTorcid_16x16.png, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png, Tom DE MULDERorcid_16x16.png (2021).
Lagrangian study of the particle transport past a lateral, open-channel cavity
Phys. Fluids 33, 013303 (16 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0030922 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
15.Marie RASTELLO, Hervé MICHALLET, Jean-Louis MARIÉorcid_16x16.png (2020).
Sediment erosion in zero-mean-shear turbulence
Phys. Fluids 32, 036601 (10 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5141943 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
16.Lei HANorcid_16x16.png, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png, Marc CHATELAINorcid_16x16.png, Emmanuel MIGNOTorcid_16x16.png (2020).
Recirculation zone downstream lateralexpansions of open channel flow
Phys. Fluids 32, 115119 (17 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0018343 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
17.Clément PERROT-MINOTorcid_16x16.png, Lukas ENGELENorcid_16x16.png, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png, Diego LOPEZorcid_16x16.png, Tom DE MULDERorcid_16x16.png, Emmanuel MIGNOTorcid_16x16.png (2020).
Seiches in lateral cavities with simplified planform geometry: Oscillation modes and synchronization with the vortex shedding
Phys. Fluids 32, 085103 (14 pages). doi:10.1063/5.0016118 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
18.Annick POUQUETorcid_16x16.png, Duane ROSENBERG, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png (2019).
Linking dissipation, anisotropy, and intermittency in rotating stratified turbulence at the threshold of linear shear instabilities
Phys. Fluids 31, 105116 (11 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5114633 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
19.Tom LACASSAGNEorcid_16x16.png, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png, Mahmoud EL HAJEMorcid_16x16.png, A. LYON, Jean-Yves CHAMPAGNE (2019).
Oscillating grid turbulence in shear-thinning polymer solutions
Phys. Fluids 31, 083102 (17 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5113551 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
20.Lorris GOND, Gaele PERRET, Emmanuel MIGNOTorcid_16x16.png, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png (2019).
Analytical prediction of the hydraulic jump detachment length in front of mounted obstacles in supercritical open-channel flows
Phys. Fluids 31, 045101 (10 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5085744 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
21.Samia BOUARABorcid_16x16.png, Faiza MOKHTARI, Slim KADDECHEorcid_16x16.png, Daniel HENRYorcid_16x16.png, Valéry BOTTONorcid_16x16.png, Abdessamed MEDELFEForcid_16x16.png (2019).
Theoretical and numerical study on high frequency vibrational convection: influence of the vibration direction on the flow structure
Phys. Fluids 31, 043605 (10 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5090264 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
22.Adrien LANGENAIS, François VUILLOT, Julien TROYES, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2019).
Accurate simulation of the noise generated by a hot supersonic jet including turbulence tripping and nonlinear acoustic propagation
Phys. Fluids 31, 016105 (31 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5050905 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
23.Geetanjali CHATTOPADHYAYorcid_16x16.png, Ranganathan USHAorcid_16x16.png, Séverine MILLETorcid_16x16.png (2019).
Instabilities in viscosity-stratified two-fluid channel flow over an anisotropic-inhomogeneous porous bottom
Phys. Fluids 31, 012103. doi:10.1063/1.5065780 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
24.Jian FANGorcid_16x16.png, Yanfei GAOorcid_16x16.png, Yangwei LIUorcid_16x16.png, Lipeng LU, Yufeng YAOorcid_16x16.png, Catherine LE RIBAULT (2019).
Direct numerical simulation of a tip-leakage flow in a planar duct with a longitudinal slit
Phys. Fluids 31, 125108 (15 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5124163 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
25.David OKSorcid_16x16.png, Pablo D. MININNIorcid_16x16.png, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, Annick POUQUETorcid_16x16.png (2017).
Inverse cascades and resonant triads in rotating and stratified turbulence
Phys. Fluids 29, 111109 (18 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5001740 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
26.Amir ESTEGHAMATIAN, Abdelkader HAMMOUTI, Michel LANCE, Anthony WACHS (2017).
Particle resolved simulations of liquid/solid and gas/solid fluidized beds
Phys. Fluids 29, 033302 (14 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4979137 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
27.Annick POUQUETorcid_16x16.png, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, Pablo D. MININNIorcid_16x16.png, Duane ROSENBERG (2017).
Dual constant-flux energy cascades to both large scales and small scales
Phys. Fluids 29, 111108 (19 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5000730 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
28.Sylvie BARSU, Delphine DOPPLER, J. John Soundar JEROMEorcid_16x16.png, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png, Michel LANCE (2016).
Drag measurements in laterally confined 2D canopies: Reconfiguration and sheltering effect
Phys. Fluids 28, 107101 (11 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4962309 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
29.Cyril DESJOUY, Sébastien OLLIVIER, Olivier MARSDEN, Maria M. KARZOVA, Philippe BLANC-BENONorcid_16x16.png (2016).
Irregular reflection of weak acoustic shock pulses on rigid boundaries: Schlieren experiments and direct numerical simulation based on a Navier-Stokes solver
Phys. Fluids 28, 027102 (14 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4940987 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
30.Emmanuel MIGNOTorcid_16x16.png, Wei CAI, Gaby LAUNAY, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png, Cristián ESCAURIAZAorcid_16x16.png (2016).
Coherent turbulent structures at the mixing-interface of a square open-channel lateral cavity
Phys. Fluids 28, 045104 (18 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4945264 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
31.Antoine VOLLANT, Guillaume BALARAC, Christophe CORREorcid_16x16.png (2016).
A dynamic regularized gradient model of the subgrid-scale stress tensor for large-eddy simulation
Phys. Fluids 28, 025114 (13 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4941781 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
32.Feng GAO, Wei MA, Gherardo ZAMBONINI, Jérôme BOUDETorcid_16x16.png, Xavier OTTAVYorcid_16x16.png, Lipeng LU, Liang SHAOorcid_16x16.png (2015).
Large-eddy simulation of 3-D corner separation in a linear compressor cascade
Phys. Fluids 27, 085105 (21 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4928246 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
33.Alan BURLOT, Benoît-Joseph GRÉAorcid_16x16.png, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png, Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png, Olivier SOULARD (2015).
Large Reynolds number self-similar states of unstably stratified homogeneous turbulence
Phys. Fluids 27, 065114 (21 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4922817 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
34.Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png (2015).
Cyclone-anticyclone asymmetry and alignment statistics in homogeneous rotating turbulence
Phys. Fluids 27, 35108 (12 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4914176 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
35.Florence RAYNALorcid_16x16.png, Philippe CARRIÈRE (2015).
The distribution of ''time of flight'' in three dimensional stationary chaotic advection
Phys. Fluids 27, 043601 (20 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4918750 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
36.Le FANG, Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png, Guodong JIN (2015).
Short-time evolution of Lagrangian velocity gradient correlations in isotropic turbulence
Phys. Fluids 27, 125102. doi:10.1063/1.4936140 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
37.Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png, Robert CHAHINEorcid_16x16.png, Andrey PUSHKAREV (2015).
On the scaling of temperature fluctuations induced by frictional heating
Phys. Fluids 27, 095105. doi:10.1063/1.4930295 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
38.Alexandre DELACHE, Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png (2014).
Scale by scale anisotropy in freely decaying rotating turbulence
Phys. Fluids 26, 025104 (19 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4864099 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
39.J. SALORT, O. LIOT, E. RUSAOUEN, F. SEYCHELLES, J.-C. TISSERAND, Mathieu CREYSSELSorcid_16x16.png, Bernard CASTAING, Francesca CHILLÀ (2014).
Thermal boundary layer near roughnesses in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection: Flow structure and multistability
Phys. Fluids 26, 015112 (18 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4862487 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
40.Andrey PUSHKAREV, Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png (2014).
Depletion of nonlinearity in two-dimensional turbulence
Phys. Fluids 26, 115102. doi:10.1063/1.4901297 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
41.Brahim MOUDJED, Valéry BOTTONorcid_16x16.png, Daniel HENRYorcid_16x16.png, Hamda BEN HADIDorcid_16x16.png, Jean Paul GARANDET (2014).
Scaling and dimensional analysis of acoustic streaming jets
Phys. Fluids 26, 093602 (22 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4895518 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
42.Yi SUI, Marco MAGLIO, Peter D.M. SPELTorcid_16x16.png, Dominique LEGENDRE, Hang DING (2013).
Inertial coalescence of droplets on a partially wetting substrate
Phys. Fluids 25, 101701 (7 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4824108 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Identification of the effects of the nozzle-exit boundary-layer thickness and its corresponding Reynolds number in initially highly disturbed subsonic jets
Phys. Fluids 25, 055106 (27 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4807071 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
44. ANJALAIAH, Ranganathan USHAorcid_16x16.png, Séverine MILLETorcid_16x16.png (2013).
Thin film flow down a porous substrate in the presence of an insoluble surfactant: Stability analysis
Phys. Fluids 25, 022101 (26 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4789459 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
45.M. Ehtisham SIDDIQUI, Mukund VASUDEVAN, Julian F. SCOTTorcid_16x16.png, Benoît PIERorcid_16x16.png (2013).
Experimental characterization of transition region in rotating-disk boundary layer
Phys. Fluids 25, 034102 (10 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4798435 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
The Rayleigh-Taylor Instability driven by an accel-decel-accel profile
Phys. Fluids 25, 115104 (33 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4829765 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
47.Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png, Olivier MARSDEN, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2012).
Effects of moderate Reynolds numbers on subsonic round jets with highly disturbed nozzle-exit boundary layers
Phys. Fluids 24, 105107 (24 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4757667 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
48.Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png, Robert RUBINSTEIN, Le FANG (2012).
Reduction of mean-square advection in turbulent passive scalar mixing
Phys. Fluids 24, 075104. doi:10.1063/1.4731302 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Linearized potential vorticity mode and its role in transition to baroclinic instability
Phys. Fluids 24, 076603 (19 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4731294 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Spectral approach to finite Reynolds number effects on Kolmogorov's 4/5 law in isotropic turbulence
Phys. Fluids 24, 015107. doi:10.1063/1.3678334 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Reynolds number effect on the velocity increment skewness in isotropic turbulence
Phys. Fluids 24, 015108. doi:10.1063/1.3678338 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Investigation of flow features around shallow round cavities subject to subsonic grazing flow
Phys. Fluids 24, 125107 (24 pages). doi:10.1063/1.4772194 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
53.Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png, Olivier MARSDEN, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2011).
On the spectra of nozzle-exit velocity disturbances in initially nominally turbulent, transitional jets
Phys. Fluids 23, 091702 (4 pages). doi:10.1063/1.3642642 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
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An apparent symmetry property of the mean velocity gradient in turbulent Poiseuille flows and its implications
Phys. Fluids 23, 101705 (4 pages). doi:10.1063/1.3657819 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Sustained inertial-capillary oscillations and jet formation in displacement flow in a tube
Phys. Fluids 23, 122104 (11 pages). doi:10.1063/1.3670010 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Turbulent diffusion in tall tubes. II. Confinement by stratification
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Turbulent diffusion in tall tubes. I. Models for Rayleigh-Taylor instability
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The influence of walls on lagrangian statistics in two-dimensional turbulence
Phys. Fluids 23, 085111 (9 pages). doi:10.1063/1.3623273 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
Preprint preprint.ico
57.J.-C. TISSERAND, Mathieu CREYSSELSorcid_16x16.png, Y. GASTEUIL, H. PABIOU, M. GIBERT, Bernard CASTAING, Francesca CHILLÀ (2011).
Comparison between rough and smooth plates within the same Rayleigh-Bénard cell
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Bow-wave-like hydraulic jump and horseshoe vortex around an obstacle in a supercritical open channel flow
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