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1.Francesco SCARANOorcid_16x16.png, Marc C. JACOBorcid_16x16.png, Erwin Ricky GOWREEorcid_16x16.png (2023).
Drag reduction by means of an array of staggered circular cavities at moderate Reynolds numbers
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 102, 109142 (13 pages). doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2023.109142 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
2.Juan Ignacio POLANCOorcid_16x16.png, Ivana VINKOVIC, Nickolas STELZENMULLER, Nicolas MORDANT, Mickaël BOURGOINorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Relative dispersion of particle pairs in turbulent channel flow
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 71, 231–245. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2018.04.007 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
3.Roberto CAMUSSIorcid_16x16.png, Alessandro DI MARCO, Thomas CASTELAINorcid_16x16.png (2017).
Statistical analysis of the hydrodynamic pressure in the near field of compressible jets
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 64, 1–9. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2017.01.007 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
4.Benoit ANDRÉ, Thomas CASTELAINorcid_16x16.png, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2014).
Investigation of the mixing layer of underexpanded supersonic jets by particle image velocimetry
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 50, 188–200. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2014.08.004 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
5.Mathieu PRÉVEL, Ivana VINKOVIC, Delphine DOPPLER, Christophe PERA, Marc BUFFAT (2013).
Direct numerical simulation of particle transport by hairpin vortices in a laminar boundary layer
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 43, 1–14. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2013.03.015 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
DNS of buoyancy-driven flows and Lagrangian particle tracking in a square cavity at high Rayleigh numbers
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 32, 915–931. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2011.06.007 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
7.F. ECHOUCHENE, Hafedh BELMABROUK, Lionel LE PENVENorcid_16x16.png, Marc BUFFAT (2011).
Numerical simulation of wall roughness effects in cavitating flow
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 32, 1068–1075. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2011.05.010 doi.ico openalex-16x16.png
8.Yu GUO, Chun-Xiao XU, Gui Xiang CUI, Zhao Shun ZHANG, Liang SHAOorcid_16x16.png (2007).
Large eddy simulation of scalar turbulence using a new subgrid eddy diffusivity model
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 28, 268–274. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2006.04.003 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
9.Mauricio TOLEDO, Lionel LE PENVENorcid_16x16.png, Marc BUFFAT, Anne CADIOUorcid_16x16.png, Judith PADILLA (2007).
Large Eddy Simulation of the generation and breakdown of a tumbling flow
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 28, 113–126. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2006.03.029 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
10.Assen VASSILEV, Hamda BEN HADIDorcid_16x16.png, Mahmoud EL HAJEMorcid_16x16.png, Valéry BOTTONorcid_16x16.png (2007).
Experimental and numerical investigation of an air pocket immersed in a horizontal water duct flow
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 28, 673–682. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2007.02.005 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
11.Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2006).
Large eddy simulations of round jets using explicit filtering with/without dynamic Smagorinsky model
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 27, 603–610. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2006.02.008 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
12.César AGUIRRE, Armando B. BRIZUELA, Ivana VINKOVIC, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png (2006).
A subgrid Lagrangian stochastic model for turbulent passive and reactive scalar dispersion
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 27, 627–635. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2006.02.011 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
13.Lukas LIECHTENSTEIN, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png, Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png (2006).
The role of nonlinearity in turbulent diffusion models for stably stratified and rotating turbulence
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 27, 644–652. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2006.02.010 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
14.Julien WEISS, Geneviève COMTE-BELLOT (2004).
Electronic noise in a constant voltage anemometer.
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 75, 1290–1296.
15.G.R. SARMA, Geneviève COMTE-BELLOT (2002).
Automated constant voltage anemometer for measurements with fluid temperature drifts.
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 73, 1313–1317.
16.O. LE ROY, Lionel LE PENVENorcid_16x16.png (1998).
Compression of a turbulent vortex flow.
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 19, 533–540.
17.B.E. LAUNDER (1989).
Second-moment closure : present ... and future ?
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 10.
18.P.G. HILL, R.D.C. MACMILLAN (1988).
The properties of steam : a current status.
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 110.
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