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1.James R. MATHEWSorcid_16x16.png, Vianney MASSONorcid_16x16.png, Stéphane MOREAUorcid_16x16.png, Hélène POSSONorcid_16x16.png (2018).
The modified Myers boundary condition for swirling flow
J. Fluid Mech. 847, 868–906. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.326 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
2.Vianney MASSONorcid_16x16.png, James R. MATHEWSorcid_16x16.png, Stéphane MOREAUorcid_16x16.png, Hélène POSSONorcid_16x16.png, Edward J. BRAMBLEYorcid_16x16.png (2018).
The impedance boundary condition for acoustics in swirling ducted flow
J. Fluid Mech. 849, 645–675. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.429 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
3.Samuel MER, Jean-Paul THIBAULT, Christophe CORREorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Influence of noncondensable gases on thermodynamic control on-ground experiments using a substitute fluid
J. Therm. Sci. Eng. Appl. 10, 021006-1–021006-8. doi:10.1115/1.4037449 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
4.Anne CADIOUorcid_16x16.png, Marc BUFFAT, Bastien DI PIERROorcid_16x16.png, Lionel LE PENVENorcid_16x16.png, Christophe PERA (2018).
A new strategy for analysis and visualization of massively parallel computations of turbulent and transitional flow
Notes Num. Fluid Mech. 135, 101–107. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-60387-2_9 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
5.Pietro SALIZZONIorcid_16x16.png, Mathieu CREYSSELSorcid_16x16.png, Lei JIANG, Antoine MOS, R. MEHADDI, O. VAUQUELIN (2018).
Influence of source conditions and heat losses on the upwind back-layering flow in a longitudinally ventilated tunnel
Int. J. Heat Mass Transf. 117, 143–153. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2017.10.017 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
6.Donato VALLEFUOCO, Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Small-scale anisotropy induced by spectral forcing and by rotation in non-helical and helical turbulence
J. Turbul. 19, 107–140. doi:10.1080/14685248.2017.1400667 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
7.Gang HUANG, Catherine LE RIBAULT, Ivana VINKOVIC, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Part I: a priori study of erosion and deposition with large eddy simulation of turbulent flow over multiple 2D sandy Gaussian hills
Environ. Fluid Mech. , 1–29. doi:10.1007/s10652-017-9552-x doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
8.W. ABBASSI, Sonia BESBES, Mahmoud EL HAJEMorcid_16x16.png, Habib BEN AISSIA, Jean-Yves CHAMPAGNE (2018).
Numerical simulation of free ascension and coaxial coalescence of air bubbles using the volume of fluid method (VOF)
Comput. Fluids 161, 47–59. doi:10.1016/j.compfluid.2017.11.010 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
9.Tom LACASSAGNEorcid_16x16.png, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png, Mahmoud EL HAJEMorcid_16x16.png, Jean-Yves CHAMPAGNE (2018).
Ratiometric, single-dye, pH-sensitive inhibited laser-induced fluorescence for the characterization of mixing and mass transfer
Exp. Fluids 59, 21 (17 pages). doi:10.1007/s00348-017-2475-y doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
10.Matteo MANCINELLI, Tiziano PAGLIAROLI, Roberto CAMUSSIorcid_16x16.png, Thomas CASTELAINorcid_16x16.png (2018).
On the hydrodynamic and acoustic nature of pressure proper orthogonal decomposition modes in the near field of a compressible jet
J. Fluid Mech. 836, 998–1008. doi:10.1017/jfm.2017.839 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
11.Chi Vuong NGUYEN, Lionel SOULHACorcid_16x16.png, Pietro SALIZZONIorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Source apportionment and data assimilation in urban air quality modelling for NO2: The Lyon case study
Atmosphere 9, 8 (19 pages). doi:10.3390/atmos9010008 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
12.Giovanni VICICONTE, Benoît-Joseph GRÉAorcid_16x16.png, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Self-similar regimes of turbulence in weakly coupled plasmas under compression
Phys. Rev. E 97, 023201 (11 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.97.023201 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
13.Marc CHATELAINorcid_16x16.png, Valéry BOTTONorcid_16x16.png, Mickael ALBARIC, David PELLETIER, Benjamin CARITEAU, Daniele ABDO, Massimo BORRELLI (2018).
Mechanical stirring influence on solute segregation during plane front directional solidification
Int. J. Therm. Sci. 126, 252–262. doi:10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2017.12.024 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
14.Andrea TITTA, Marie LE MERRER, François DETCHEVERRY, Peter D.M. SPELTorcid_16x16.png, Anne-Laure BIANCE (2018).
Level-set simulations of a 2D topological rearrangement in a bubble assembly: effects of surfactant properties
J. Fluid Mech. 838, 222–247. doi:10.1017/jfm.2017.887 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
15.Jennifer JUCHA, Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png, Emmanuel LÉVÊQUEorcid_16x16.png, Alain PUMIRorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Settling and collision between small ice crystals in turbulent flows
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 014604 (19 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.014604 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
16.Benoît PIERorcid_16x16.png, Rama GOVINDARAJAN (2018).
Nonlinear travelling waves in rotating Hagen–Poiseuille flow
Fluid Dyn. Res. 50, 031402 (14 pages). doi:10.1088/1873-7005/aaaa9f doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
17.Romain GOJONorcid_16x16.png, Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Flow features near plate impinged by ideally expanded and underexpanded round jets
AIAA J. 56, 445–457. doi:10.2514/1.J056421 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
18.Bo QU, Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png, Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Cascades of energy and helicity in axisymmetric turbulence
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 014607 (14 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.014607 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
19.Luca SORRISO-VALVOorcid_16x16.png, Francesco CARBONE, Silvia PERRI, Antonella GRECO, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, Roberto BRUNOorcid_16x16.png (2018).
On the statistical properties of turbulent energy transfer rate in the inner heliosphere
Sol. Phys. 293, 10 (16 pages). doi:10.1007/s11207-017-1229-6 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
20.Federica POGNANTorcid_16x16.png, Matteo BOorcid_16x16.png, Chi Vuong NGUYEN, Pietro SALIZZONIorcid_16x16.png, Marina CLERICO (2018).
Design, modelling and assessment of emission scenarios resulting from a network of wood biomass boilers
Environ. Model. Assess. 23, 157–164. doi:10.1007/s10666-017-9563-5 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
21.Thomas COUDONorcid_16x16.png, H. HOURANI, Chi Vuong NGUYEN, Élodie FAURE, Francesca Romana MANCINIorcid_16x16.png, Béatrice FERVERS, Pietro SALIZZONIorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Assessment of long-term exposure to airborne dioxin and cadmium concentrations in the Lyon metropolitan area (France)
Environ. Int. 111, 177–190. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2017.11.027 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
22.Aurore LOISYorcid_16x16.png, Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png, Peter D.M. SPELTorcid_16x16.png (2018).
The effective diffusivity of ordered and freely evolving bubbly suspensions
J. Fluid Mech. 840, 215–237. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.84 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
23.Marion CAPUANO, Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png, Peter D.M. SPELTorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Simulations of viscous and compressible gas-gas flows using high-order finite difference schemes
J. Comput. Phys. 361, 56–81. doi:10.1016/ doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
24.Vincent CLAIRorcid_16x16.png, Gwénaël GABARDorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Spectral broadening of acoustic waves by convected vortices
J. Fluid Mech. 841, 50–80. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.94 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
25.Amir ESTEGHAMATIAN, Florian EUZENAT, Abdelkader HAMMOUTI, Michel LANCE, Anthony WACHS (2018).
A stochastic formulation for the drag force based on multiscale numerical simulation of fluidized beds
Int. J. Multiph. Flow 99, 363–382. doi:10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2017.11.003 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
26.Thomas CASTELAINorcid_16x16.png, Marc MICHARDorcid_16x16.png, Mathieu SZMIGIEL, Damien CHACATON, Daniel JUVÉ (2018).
Identification of flow classes in the wake of a simplified truck model depending on the underbody velocity
J. Wind Eng. Ind. Aerodyn 175, 352–363. doi:10.1016/j.jweia.2018.02.004 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
27.Mikhael GOROKHOVSKIorcid_16x16.png, Rémi ZAMANSKY (2018).
Modeling the effects of small turbulent scales on the drag force for particles below and above the Kolmogorov scale
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 034602 (23 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.034602 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
28.Jean-Philippe MATASorcid_16x16.png, Antoine DELON, Alain CARTELLIER (2018).
Shear instability of an axisymmetric air-water coaxial jet
J. Fluid Mech. 843, 575–600. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.167 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
29.Ainhoa MATÉ MARIN, Nicolas RIVIÈREorcid_16x16.png, Gislain Lipeme KOUYI (2018).
DSM-flux: A new technology for reliable combined sewer overflow discharge monitoring with low uncertainties
J. Environ. Manage. 215, 273–282. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2018.03.043 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
30.Baolin XIE, Feng GAO, Jérôme BOUDETorcid_16x16.png, Liang SHAOorcid_16x16.png, Lipeng LU (2018).
Improved vortex method for large-eddy simulation inflow generation
Comput. Fluids 168, 87–100. doi:10.1016/j.compfluid.2018.03.069 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
31.Bertrand MERCIER, Thomas CASTELAINorcid_16x16.png, Emmanuel JONDEAU, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Density fluctuations measurement by Rayleigh scattering using a single photomultiplier
AIAA J. 56, 1310–1316. doi:10.2514/1.J056507 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
32.Frédéric ALIZARDorcid_16x16.png, Anne CADIOUorcid_16x16.png, Lionel LE PENVENorcid_16x16.png, Bastien DI PIERROorcid_16x16.png, Marc BUFFAT (2018).
Space–time dynamics of optimal wavepackets for streaks in a channel entrance flow
J. Fluid Mech. 844, 669–706. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.191 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
33.Annick POUQUETorcid_16x16.png, Duane ROSENBERG, Raffaele MARINOorcid_16x16.png, Corentin HERBERT (2018).
Scaling laws for mixing and dissipation in unforced rotating stratified turbulence
J. Fluid Mech. 844, 519–545. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.192 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
34.Frédéric JOLIVET, Fabien MOMEY, Loïc DENIS, Loïc MÉÈSorcid_16x16.png, Nicolas FAURE, Nathalie GROSJEAN, Frédéric PINSTON, Jean-Louis MARIÉorcid_16x16.png, Corinne FOURNIERorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Regularized reconstruction of absorbing and phase objects from a single in-line hologram, application to fluid mechanics and micro-biology
Opt. Express 26, 8923–8940. doi:10.1364/OE.26.008923 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
35.Muhammad Mahabat KHAN, Jérôme HÉLIE, Mikhael GOROKHOVSKIorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Computational methodology for non-evaporating spray in quiescent chamber using Large Eddy Simulation
Int. J. Multiph. Flow 102, 102–118. doi:10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2018.01.025 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
36.Antoine DELON, Alain CARTELLIER, Jean-Philippe MATASorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Flapping instability of a liquid jet
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 043901 (20 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.043901 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
37.Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png, Jennifer JUCHA, Emmanuel LÉVÊQUEorcid_16x16.png, Alain PUMIRorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Collision rate of ice crystals with water droplets in turbulent flows
J. Fluid Mech. 845, 615–641. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.238 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
38.Alessandro DE ROSISorcid_16x16.png, Emmanuel LÉVÊQUEorcid_16x16.png, Robert CHAHINEorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Advanced lattice Boltzmann scheme for high-Reynolds-number magneto-hydrodynamic flows
J. Turbul. 2018 (17 pages). doi:10.1080/14685248.2018.1461875 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
39.Juan Ignacio POLANCOorcid_16x16.png, Ivana VINKOVIC, Nickolas STELZENMULLER, Nicolas MORDANT, Mickaël BOURGOINorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Relative dispersion of particle pairs in turbulent channel flow
Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 71, 231–245. doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2018.04.007 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
40.Muhammad Mahabat KHAN, Nadeem Ahmed SHEIKH, Azfar KHALID, Waqas Akbar LUGHMANI (2018).
Experimental characterization of gasoline sprays under highly evaporating conditions
Heat Mass Transf. 54, 1531–1543. doi:10.1007/s00231-017-2251-9 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
41.Robert CHAHINEorcid_16x16.png, Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png (2018).
On the role and value of β in incompressible MHD simulations
Phys. Plasmas 25, 042115 (6 pages). doi:10.1063/1.5018666 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
42.Thibault LESTANG, Francesco RAGONE, Charles-Édouard BRÉHIER, Corentin HERBERT, Freddy BOUCHET (2018).
Computing return times or return periods with rare event algorithms
J. Stat. Mech. 2018, 043213 (33 pages). doi:10.1088/1742-5468/aab856 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
43.Florence RAYNALorcid_16x16.png, Mickaël BOURGOINorcid_16x16.png, Cécile COTTIN-BIZONNE, Christophe YBERT, Romain VOLK (2018).
Advection and diffusion in a chemically induced compressible flow
J. Fluid Mech. 847, 228–243. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.335 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
44.Jianzhao WU, Le FANG, Liang SHAOorcid_16x16.png, Lipeng LU (2018).
Theories and applications of second-order correlation of longitudinal velocity increments at three points in isotropic turbulence
Phys. Lett. A 382, 1665–1671. doi:10.1016/j.physleta.2018.04.021 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
45.Massimo MARROorcid_16x16.png, Pietro SALIZZONIorcid_16x16.png, Lionel SOULHACorcid_16x16.png, Massimo CASSIANIorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Dispersion of a passive scalar fluctuating plume in a turbulent boundary layer. Part III: Stochastic modelling
Boundary Layer Meteorol. 167, 349–369. doi:10.1007/s10546-017-0330-6 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
46.J. John Soundar JEROMEorcid_16x16.png, Bastien DI PIERROorcid_16x16.png (2018).
A note on Stokes’ problem in dense granular media using the µ(I)-rheology
J. Fluid Mech. 847, 365–385. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.250 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
47.Marine MENUT, Loïc BOUSSEL, Xavier ESCRIVAorcid_16x16.png, Benyebka BOU-SAÏD, Hélène WALTER-LE BERRE, Yann MARCHESSE, Antoine MILLON, Nellie DELLA SCHIAVA, Patrick LERMUSIAUX, John TICHY (2018).
Comparison between a generalized Newtonian model and a network-type multiscale model for hemodynamic behavior in the aortic arch: Validation with 4D MRI data for a case study
J. Biomechanics 73, 119–126. doi:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2018.03.038 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
48.Lennon Ó NARAIGHorcid_16x16.png, Peter D.M. SPELTorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Instability of pressure-driven gas-liquid two-layer channel flows in two and three dimensions
J. Fluid Mech. 849, 1–34. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.401 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
49.Amor KHLIFI, Abdelaziz SALHI, Saber NASRAOUI, Fabien S. GODEFERDorcid_16x16.png, Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Spectral energy scaling in precessing turbulence
Phys. Rev. E 98, 011102 (5 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.98.011102 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
50.Antoine BRIARDorcid_16x16.png, Benoît-Joseph GRÉAorcid_16x16.png, Vincent MONS, Claude CAMBONorcid_16x16.png, Thomas GOMEZ, Pierre SAGAUT (2018).
Advanced spectral anisotropic modelling for shear flows
J. Turbul. 19, 570–599. doi:10.1080/14685248.2018.1478092 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
51.Romain GOJONorcid_16x16.png, Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png, Mihai MIHAESCU (2018).
Oscillation modes in screeching jets
AIAA J. 56, 2918–2924. doi:10.2514/1.J056936 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
52.Martin JAMES, Wouter J. T. BOSorcid_16x16.png, Michael WILCZEK (2018).
Turbulence and turbulent pattern formation in a minimal model for active fluids
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 061101 (9 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.061101 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
53.Emmanuel LÉVÊQUEorcid_16x16.png, Hatem TOUIL, Satish MALIK, Denis RICOT, Aloïs SENGISSEN (2018).
Wall-modeled large-eddy simulation of the flow past a rod-airfoil tandem by the Lattice Boltzmann method
Int. J. Numer. Methods Heat Fluid Flow 28, 1096–1116. doi:10.1108/HFF-06-2017-0258 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
54.Zhiyuan LI, Juan DU, Xavier OTTAVYorcid_16x16.png, Hongwu ZHANG (2018).
Quantification and analysis of the irreversible flow loss in a linear compressor cascade
Entropy 20, 486 (16 pages). doi:10.3390/e20070486 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
55.Christophe BOGEYorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Grid sensitivity of flow field and noise of high-Reynolds-number jets computed by large-eddy simulation
Int. J. Aeroacoustics 17, 399–424. doi:10.1177/1475472X18778287 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
56.Bertrand MERCIER, Thomas CASTELAINorcid_16x16.png, Christophe BAILLYorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Experimental investigation of the turbulent density - Far-field sound correlations in compressible jets
Int. J. Aeroacoustics 17, 521–540. doi:10.1177/1475472X18778274 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
57.Jérôme BOUDETorcid_16x16.png, Marc C. JACOBorcid_16x16.png, Joëlle CARO, Emmanuel JONDEAU, Bo LI (2018).
Wavelet analysis of a blade tip-leakage flow
AIAA J. 56, 3332–3336. doi:10.2514/1.J056703 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
58.Aurore NASOorcid_16x16.png, Lennon Ó NARAIGHorcid_16x16.png (2018).
A flow-pattern map for phase separation using the Navier-Stokes-Cahn-Hilliard model
Eur. J. Mech. B-Fluids 72, 576–585. doi:10.1016/j.euromechflu.2018.08.002 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Numerical analysis of the flapping mechanism for a two-phase coaxial jet
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Effects of discrete energy and helicity conservation in numerical simulations of helical turbulence
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Three-dimensional instability of a flow past a sphere: Mach evolution of the regular and Hopf bifurcations
J. Fluid Mech. 855, 1088–1115. doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.664 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Wind-induced pressure at a tunnel portal
Environ. Fluid Mech. 18, 769–786. doi:10.1007/s10652-018-9589-5 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
63.Denise HERTWIG, Lionel SOULHACorcid_16x16.png, Vladimír FUKA, Torsten AUERSWALD, Matteo CARPENTIERI, Paul HAYDEN, Alan ROBINS, Zheng-Tong XIE, Omduth COCEAL (2018).
Evaluation of fast atmospheric dispersion models in a regular street network
Environ. Fluid Mech. 18, 1007–1044. doi:10.1007/s10652-018-9587-7 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Assessment of a two-way coupling methodology between a flow and a high-order nonlinear acoustic unstructured solvers
Flow Turbul. Combust. 101, 681–703. doi:10.1007/s10494-018-9928-0 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Surface modes with controlled axisymmetry triggered by bubble coalescence in a high-amplitude acoustic field
Phys. Rev. E 98, 033115 (8 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.98.033115 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Vertical drafts and mixing in stratified turbulence: Sharp transition with Froude number
Europhys. Lett. 123, 4402 (7 pages). doi:10.1209/0295-5075/123/44002 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
67.Yassine SAADLAOUI, Éric FEULVARCH, Alexandre DELACHE, Jean-Baptiste LEBLOND, Jean-Michel BERGHEAU (2018).
A new strategy for the numerical modeling of a weld pool
C. R. Méc. 346, 999–1017. doi:10.1016/j.crme.2018.08.007 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Permanence of large eddies in Richtmyer-Meshkov turbulence with a small Atwood number
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 104603 (36 pages). doi:10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.104603 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
69.Rafik OUCHENE, Juan Ignacio POLANCOorcid_16x16.png, Ivana VINKOVIC, Serge SIMOËNSorcid_16x16.png (2018).
Acceleration statistics of prolate spheroidal particles in turbulent channel flow
J. Turbul. 19, 827–848. doi:10.1080/14685248.2018.1516043 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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Advanced noise modeling for future propulsion systems
Int. J. Aeroacoustics 17, 576–599. doi:10.1177/1475472X18789005 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
Toward an improved representation of middle atmospheric dynamics thanks to the ARISE project
Surv. Geophys. 39, 171–225. doi:10.1007/s10712-017-9444-0 doi.ico hal.ico openalex-16x16.png
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A high-order variational multiscale model in finite elements applied to the LEISA-2 configuration
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